AFormsPdf (Extension of AForms)

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Automatically publish beautiful quotations from automated quote forms!
AForms PDF extension can automatically convert order information submitted from forms into PDF quotations.


"PDF Extension" adds the function to output quotation to AForms.
It can automatically publish a PDF quotation from order data from the form.
A PDF quotation with inserted order data can be provided to the customer as an email attachment, pre-order download or post-order download.

The PDF extension is characterized by its detailed insertion settings and its ability to output beautiful, well-proportioned quotations.
On the other hand, the settings are so detailed that it is not easy to set up.
So, AFormsPdf includes 5 practical samples of quotations.
By checking the preview and making adjustments to the sample, you can make them ready to use on your site.


Here are three demos, all with different quotation styles.
All of them use the samples included with AFormsPdf.

Demo 1

This is a demo of a pattern that outputs a quotation without submitting a form.
No form will be submitted, so it will not be saved in the database. No thank-you mail will be sent either.
This pattern is for the case where you just want to convert the result of a quotation simulation into a PDF file.
See the demo

Demo 2

This pattern is to attach a PDF file to the thank-you mail after submitting the form.
The advantage of email attachments is that the quotation remains in the customer's hand more easily than if it is downloaded.
See the demo

Demo 3

This pattern is to start downloading a PDF file after submitting the form.
See the demo


1. PDF Extensions is a plugin for WordPress.
Once activated, the item "PDF Extensions" will appear in the "Form" menu.
The image shows a screenshot of the list of PDF templates.

2. This image shows the "General" tab in the template details screen.

The underlying PDF can be loaded as a background.
The quotation is completed by drawing a ruled line on the background PDF in advance, and then adding text and images on top of it.

3. The "Insertion" tab in the template details screen.
Just as in AForms, you can build a PDF template using components.

The available components are six: Text Block, Image Block, Detais Table, Detail Column, Total Table, and Total Column.

4. As you can see in this image, even the columns in the details list are components.
This makes it possible to set up exactly how the columns will be arranged.

5. This image shows the form builder of the AForms body.
Once PDF Extensions is activated, an "Extensions" tab will be added. In this tab, you can set which PDF template will be used for this form.


  • The number of pages of output PDF is only one page
  • PNG images are not handled properly. So you need to use JPEG or GIF images instead
  • PDF files and image files uploaded in the template details screen will be made private. However, they are not completely blocked from outside access


  • WordPress4.6 or greater
  • PHP5.6 or greater
  • AForms v2.1.4 or higher is required to run this software

Enjoy and Thanks!

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For more information on how to use the software, please refer to the guides on the official website.

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AFormsPdf (Extension of AForms)

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