AFormsUpload (Extension of AForms)

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The upload extension allows you to add file upload functionality to your AForms forms.
It supports asynchronous uploads, multiple file uploads, and drag and drop. It is easy to use.
Uploaded files are stored on the server and can also be attached to emails.

See the demo!


1. After activating AFormsUpload, a "File" component will be added to the Attributes tab.

2. This image shows the configuration form for the File component. You can set the size limit and extension limit of the uploaded file.

3. After activating AFormsUpload, an "Extensions" tab will be added. From this tab, select the extension features you want to use in this form.
AFormsUpload allows you to choose whether or not to attach uploaded files to the thank-you email.

4. If you choose to have email attachments, the uploaded files will be attached to the thank-you email and the notification email.
Regardless of which option you choose, you will still be able to download the uploaded files from the Order List.


  • WordPress4.6 or greater
  • PHP5.6 or greater
  • AForms v2.1.3 or higher is required to run this software.

Enjoy and Thanks!

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  • You'll get a zip file and 6 months of email support.

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  • You'll get a zip file and 6 months of email support.
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AFormsUpload (Extension of AForms)

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