AFormsStyler (Extension of AForms)

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Customize the appearance of AForms forms!

AForms style extensions allow you to customize the look and feel of your forms to match your products or services.


The style extension allows you to customize the look and feel of the form and what it displays.
"Does that mean I can make my form fit into the site?"
It is true that you can make a form fit into the site. But that's too low a resolution.

Let me explain what I mean.
Essentially, the content of a site is shaped to reflect the nature of the product or service.
However, since AForms is a software package that provides the same functionality to all users, all forms made with AForms will be presented in the same way.
This means that it cannot fully reflect the nature of the products or services that should be different for each user.

In the style extension, we worked on solving that problem. This means that you can customize the form to reflect the nature of your products or services.

Some examples

Using the style extension, you can reflect the nature of the products or services in the form like this.

Example 1: I want to emphasize the low price by displaying the selling price alongside the manufacturer's suggested retail price

Added "Regular Unit Price" column. Also, in the subtotal row, the amount based on the regular unit price and the amount based on the selling price are displayed.

Example 2: There are a lot of options, so I want to display them in multiple rows in a smaller size

Changed the settings to reduce the image width of the options and to arrange the options in multiple rows.

Example 3: The tax rate is uniform, so there is no need to include it in the quotation table

Removed the tax class column from the quotation table. Also, the table is now compact and set to display in tabular format on tablets.

Example 4: I want to display the quotation in the sidebar to make it easier to see the status

Setup to display the quotation in the sidebar. You can also set up the display content of the quotation in it.

Example 5: I want to make a standard look with more explanation, considering the customer base

Layout input items in tabular format. Make the components look standard and set optional marks to be displayed.

The style extension allows you to set up these customizations while viewing a real-time preview.
Of course, you can also change the color, margin size, breakpoint width, and other obvious but important settings. There are 71 items to set.


1. Style Extension is a WordPress plugin.
Once activated, a "Style Extension" item will appear in the "Forms" menu.
The image shows the style list screen.

2. Style detail screen.
The settings are divided into seven groups: Common, Flow, Wizard base, Wizard, Quotation, Sidebar, and Attributes. When you change a setting, it is reflected in the preview.
There are 71 setting items in total.

3. You can switch the preview screen size between phone, tablet, and desktop by clicking the buttons on the bottom right.

4. This is the form builder of AForms itself.
Once you activate the style extension, you will see the "Extensions" tab.
Here, you can set which style will be used for the form.


  • WordPress4.6 or greater
  • PHP5.6 or greater
  • AForms v2.1.9 or higher is required to run this software

Enjoy and Thanks!

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For more information on how to use the software, please refer to the guides on the official website.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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AFormsStyler (Extension of AForms)

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